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The benefits of Captivate Lenses



Wiley X utilizes a proprietary oleophobic coating on all Captivate lenses to create a smoother lens surface, which helps to keep dust, dirt, oil, snow and water from sticking to the lens. This in turn helps prevent smudging and water spots, making the lenses much easier to clean than an uncoated, standard lens.


Captivate lenses achieve a Bayer 7 rating* for scratch resistance. A rating of 4 or higher equates to a premium coating.

The Bayer test is one of the most often cited test methods for abrasion resistance. This test subjects both a coated lens and an uncoated lens to abrasion from oscillating “sand.” After a set number of cycles, the haze gain is measured on both lenses. The ratio of haze gain of the uncoated lens to the coated lens is the Bayer Ratio. A Bayer Ratio of “1” means that the coating has equivalent abrasion resistance to uncoated lens. A Bayer Ratio of “7” means that the uncoated standard lens had seven times the haze gain as the coated lens. A common standard Bayer Ratio equal to “4” or greater is considered by the industry to be a premium coating.

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