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Harley Davidson Warranty & Returns


This form is to be used for making warranty claims only for Wiley X, Inc. and/or Harley-Davidson® Performance Eyewear by Wiley X. If you purchased glasses directly from Wiley X and want to return them for a refund please contact customer service at (800) 776-7842.

By completing this Return Authorization Request you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions as set forth in Wiley X, Inc. product warranties. Please read the warranty policies by clicking on the links below.

To begin the warranty/repair evaluation process, please fill out this online warranty repair form. Please be sure to upload photos of the damages claimed. Once the return request is received and approved, a Wiley X Customer Service Representative will contact you with a Return Authorization (RA) reference number. After receiving the RA, please print the completed online form with RA# and mail it in with the item that you are returning using a traceable shipping method as Wiley X is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please allow 7–10 business days from receipt of product to process your claim. Return Authorizations are valid for 90 days from the date they are requested. Note: If multiple items are being returned an RA number must be completed for each item. Items can be shipped/returned together.

Please note that during the RA checkout you will not be able to place any purchase items into your cart until you complete the RA checkout. You can end the RA checkout process at any time by going to the view cart page and emptying your cart.

Return Shipping Information

Please send all warranty items within 90 days of the Authorization Request date using a traceable shipping method as Wiley X is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please include the RA# on the outside of the package.

Returns should be shipped to:

Wiley X, Inc.

Attn: Returns Dept (RA######) 7800 Patterson Pass Road Livermore, CA 94550


If you have questions please contact customer service by calling (800) 776-7842