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All Wiley X products are considered PPE, meet ANSI Z87.1 safety and are classified as FDA Tier 1 Medical Devices.

Why become a Wiley X dealer?

Every Wiley X dealer has a dedicated
WX Account Manager.

We're family-owned and we believe in creating relationships with all of our customers. That’s why you’ll have one devoted WX Account Manager committed to providing you the best service possible.

Our eyewear goes way beyond
UV protection.

We've been committed to protecting eyes for over 30 years. Every single pair of glasses we make is subject to rigorous testing to make sure it passes or exceeds the ANSI standards.

We're experts with
high wrap frame prescriptions.

We have a dedicated Rx lab that specializes in high wrap optics to provide you the most advanced offering in the industry. Virtually all Wiley X frames can be fitted with a prescription.

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